All about Kani-Karrung

A Jamboree is a large-scale, week-long International Girl Guide event generally held in tents with hundreds and hundreds of Girl Guides made possible through volunteer Leaders and community organisations.

It is a chance for Guides to come together to have fun, make new friends and challenge themselves with new and exciting adventures.

The Kani-Karrung Jamboree involves Guides aged 10+ from all over Australia camping together at Victoria Park in Ballarat, Victoria.

We are so excited to welcome everyone to the Kani-Karrung Australian Guide Jamboree. To ensure a fantastic and positive event for everyone we share with you the Jamboree values and expectations.

Jamboree values

Respect Yourself

  • I will: Speak to myself with kindness
  • I will: Recognise the impact of my actions on others
  • I will: Try my best to be thoughtful, optimistic, and flexible in the face of change
  • I will: Be prepared, on time, and where I am supposed to be

Respect Others

  • I will: Treat others how I would like to be treated
  • I will: Recognise and encourage that everyone is different and equal
  • I will: Respect and protect others right to privacy
  • I will: Listen to and be mindful of those around me
  • I will: Strive to provide a positive experience for the guides and adults alike

Respect my World

  • I will: Protect the earth, plants, and animals
  • I will: Try new things in new environments
  • I will: Take care of belongings and equipment
  • I will: Take small steps towards sustainability that leave a large impact

Information for Parents & Guardians

Your daughter is embarking on a new adventure and there are a few things that it will be helpful to think about and discuss with her before she heads for camp

  • The Jamboree values
  • Options for what to do if she is concerned about something (talking to her subcamp leader, visiting the first aid/welfare area, talking to any leader on site)
  • What to do if she feels homesick
  • Mobile phone use and posting to social media. Mobile phones will be collected by subcamp leaders each evening.
    Guides should not post to social media pictures of others without checking
  • How to look after her own possessions and keep them tidy when sharing a tent with others
  • If a guide is found to have engaged in behaviour that seriously breaches GGA policies or the Jamboree values, she may be asked to leave camp.
    This is conversation that will be held between the Leader in Charge of the Jamboree, the relevant Contingent leader, and yourselves.
  • If you need to contact your daughter, please use the central camp number and not that of a local leader so the management team are able to support you and your daughter through any concerns.

We ask that you:

  • Limit your interactions via mobile phone so your daughter can immerse herself in the experience
  • If you daughter rings saying she is homesick, encourage her to talk to her subcamp leaders, or visit the First Aid/welfare centre where there are adults that she can chat to.
  • If you have concerns, please ring the central camp phone. This will be provided before camp. The jamboree team will then check on your daughter and let you know how she is.
  • Your daughter will be very busy at camp. There will not be the opportunity to visit your daughter during camp either at the campsite or while she is out at off-site activities. Please respect this.

Our commitment to you during the event

  • If your daughter is treated for any first aid event on site, an first aid report form will be completed and uploaded to your daughter's registration (under the medical tab).
  • If your daughter requires off-site care, we will contact you immediately to update you as to the situation and care requirements. We will continue to be in contact throughout the process.

It is important that everyone has fun at camp. This means you must respect yourself and others. We expect you to look after your own possessions, attend to your personal health by having showers, using sunscreen, getting enough sleep.

To respect others we expect that there will no touching of others or their possessions without permission, abiding by the mobile phone policy, not posting pictures of others on social media without express permission and talking to a leader if you see others behaving inappropriately.

To ensure the best experience, it is important that we all follow the Jamboree values.

We are here to help

If you are having problems or some thing doesn't feel right - you need to speak with a leader in your subcamp.  If you are not feeling that you are being listened to please come and speak to the Administration team and ask to speak with Lou, Helen or Dani, who can be found in the Administration Building.

Your commitment

On flip side if we feel you are not living up to the Jamboree values and there is evidence, we will be conversation about your time on camp ending and sending you home.  This is to ensure a safe environment for everyone at camp.

The positive experience of camp is built on the Jamboree values and the GGA Child safe child friendly policy which we have all receiving training on.

GGA is committed to providing a Child Safe, Child Friendly organisation

GGA acknowledges the significant role culture plays in keeping children and young people safe. Guiding worldwide focuses on giving girls and young women a voice and an opportunity to build lifelong friendships and networks. These two core elements alone encourage those in Guiding to speak up for themselves and others, an essential part of creating a child safe culture. Girl Guides Australia has a zero tolerance of child harm, abuse and neglect.

The GGA Code of Conduct sets the standards of behaviour expected of all adults participating in the Jamboree.

All Adults in Guiding are expected to maintain boundaries appropriate to the Girl Guide activity they are engaged in at the time. Included below are some behaviours that represent good practice when interacting with others, particularly Youth Members:

  • Utilise the Guide 'Arm up' signal to gain the attention of Youth Members rather than using a raised voice or any other attention seeking method
  • Only used a raised voice if there is danger and gaining attention is imperative to avoid an injury
  • Provide clear instruction to Youth Members and take time to explain the instructions in a different way should they not initially understand
  • Make affirmative comments to redirect behaviour of Youth Members if they are being disruptive
  • Limit physical contact to involvement in the usual games and activities - there should never be rough play
  • Check in with the Youth Member if it is ok with them if you provide assistance e.g., when they need assistance to raise a tent or when you need to check the harness for abseiling or the life jacket for water activities
  • Never act in a way that is intended to cause pain or distress to a Youth Member
  • Have minimal physical contact when rendering first aid, responding to an emergency situation or providing comfort in a distressing situation
  • Please don't hand out your mobile number to parents - parent phone call will be managed by the central team to ensure a consistent message and recording of interactions.

Expectations of adults with respect to feedback, concerns, complaints for Guides or adults

  • If a guide or adult at camp raises a concern with you about anything they will be listened to, respected, and taken seriously
  • Concerns should be addressed, if possible, within the subcamp or Group. If this is not possible, please contact the Administration manager for further support
  • Offer guides the opportunity to complete a Tell us what you are worried about? Form
  • If the matter involves child safety and well-being, criminal conduct, breach of the GGA Code of Conduct or may impact the reputation of GGiA complete a Girl Guide Complain Form and contact the Administration manager
  • If you suspect abuse or neglect of a young person, please contact the Administration manager directly
  • Raise concerns during the event -  please don't hold until after, if you see a problem other will see it too and we request you act immediately and discuss with the LIC team.

We are here to help

If you are having problems or something doesn't feel right - you need to speak with your Subcamp leader or Group leader.  If you do not feel you have received appropriate support within the Group, please come and speak to the Administration team and ask to speak with Lou, Helen or Dani in the Administration Building.

Your commitment

On flip side if we feel you are not living up to the Jamboree values and there is evidence, we will be conversation about your time on camp ending and sending you home. 

This is to ensure a safe environment for everyone at camp.