Dawn Fischer – Surprise presentation

May 27, 2015

Dawn Fischer 35 Years ServiceWhen Michelle Donaldson, 14, started working on the last clause of her BP Award, she hadn’t anticipated the eventual results.  Her challenge was to research a Leader and illustrate her special contribution to Guiding

In secret, she chose to research the Unit Leader of the 1st Sebastopol Girl Guides, Dawn Fischer, and to provide this information as a PowerPoint presentation to the girls in her unit.  It was during this research that Michelle discovered that Dawn began her Guiding leadership in 1980 and she thought that this 35 years of service was worthy of recognition.  As well as completing the required clause, Michelle also went on to organise a small ceremony with her unit to acknowledge the occasion, inviting District Guiding and Scouting representatives.

Guides Victoria were happy to support the recognition and sent a congratulatory letter and certificate.

Lynne Emblim, State Commissioner said:

“This represents a most wonderful achievement and truly a sign of your dedication and commitment.  The countless hours you have given to Guiding are very much appreciated. You are a role model for others in Guiding”.

Michelle has discovered that Dawn had unceremoniously made her original Guide Promise whilst ironing her uniform in her lounge room.  She organised for Dawn to renew her Promise to Ballarat District Leader, Astrid Bahr.  She was also presented with a 35 year service badge and certificate.

Dawn, who had spent the day running around in preparation for the weekend camp, was totally unaware of the secret arrangements.


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