Mug Muster

August 29, 2017

Mugs Wanted – Again

girlguidemugThe hunt is on again for spare mugs to donate to UnitingCare Breezeway.

Where do they all go?  Lost? Broken? Misplaced? Who knows !?!

Either way, this is a great service project where everybody can help out.  Search through your cupboards and come up with any mugs that you no longer need, then either

  • take them along to your Guide unit
  • deliver them to Margaret’s front veranda
  • deliver them to UnitingCare Ballarat in Dana Street

The mugs are used for various Breezeway programs where at least 150 mugs are used each day.


There is also a need for towels. If you have towels that are still a good quality that you no longer need, UnitingCare could make use of those.

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