Hilary Clinton

The Girl Scouts not only taught me great songs that I still sing, but lifelong lessons about leadership and the value of public service and friendships that go back all those years and keep me grounded because I’m with people who know that I had a really hard time starting a fire in the rain.

Hilary Clinton was a member of Troop 316 in Park Ridge, Illinois.  She reminisces about how much she benefited from her years in Girl Scouts, starting out as a Brownie, becoming a Girl Scout, and progressing to Mariner Scout.

Hilary’s daughter Chelsea was also a Girl Scout and says that she “learned a few core lessons as a Brownie, one of those being the value of teamwork and everything that we girls can do when we work together.”

Many other Girl Scouts in the United States have become First Ladies or hold high ranking political office, including:

  • Nancy Reagan
  • Janet Reno
  • Laura Bush
  • Madeline Albright
  • Geraldine Ferraro
  • Dixie Lee Ray
  • Condoleezza Rice
  • Patty Murray


Hillary Clinton Girl Scout
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