Social distancing is certainly a new and unexpected challenge for our girls and our volunteer Leaders. But Guiding has always encouraged accepting new challenges.

Guiding traditionally provides a central point where girls can physcially catch up and share experiences together.  Social distancing is just going to mean we do things a little bit differently.

Together, we have come up with a collection of activities the Guides can undertake at home, either individually or via online interactive sessions.

Download a booklet that explains the Coronavirus to children.

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What am I?

Question game for virtual meetings

Scout Logo

Scattergories A-Z hunt

Scattergories game at home

Promise Rebus

Rebus version of Promise

Promise & Law Colouring

P&L colouring

Promise & Law

Neighbourhood Scavanger Hunt

Scavenger hunt around the neighbourhood

Isolation Challenge 2

Name in AUSLAN

AUSLAN challenge

Make a robot

Design your own robot

Zoos Victoria Logo

Live streaming of zoo

Virtual excursions

LEGO Cub Scout Calendar

Lego Fun

Guiding with Lego

Isolation Challenge 1

Isolation Challenges

Melissa’s isolation challenges

Indoor scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt at home

Home made toys

Creative ways to make toys

If you would like to contribute to our list of ideas, please supply details via our Contact Page.