Guides learning Car Maintenance

July 12, 2019

Vehicle Safety & Maintenance Education

Some of our Girl Guides who are old enough to drive have spent time over the school holidays learning about car maintenance and it’s effects on safety. They were accompanied by young (and not so young) Leaders who also found the session very beneficial.

SebastopolGuides CarMaintenance 5127 e1562922571102Alex and Frank welcomed the Sebastopol Guides to the new mechanics workshop at Ballarat Car Sales and taught them about the various engine components under the bonnet.  They each tested the oil level and indentified the windscreen washer and brake fluid reservoirs.

Frank showed the girls underneath a car on a hoist and pointed out the issues that occur when vehicles are not checked regularly.  He also taught about:

  • the various warning lights on the dashboard and their degree of severity
  • the equipment stored in the boot to change a tyre
  • how to restart a dead battery

This was an ideal session for our new car owners/drivers who have little (or no) maintenance experience.  SebastopolGuides CarMaintenance 5155

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