Region Canoeing @ Creswick

February 23, 2019

Canoeing at St George’s Lake

February 23

By 9:30 on Saturday morning, St George’s Lake in Creswick was covered with canoes and Girl Guides.

RegionCanoeing 4525 e1551000634441The weather was quite windy and added an extra challenge for the girls, especially those canoeing for the first time. Under supervision of the expert Morland Canoe Team, the Guides persevered with the conditions and excelled with their new skills.

Throughout the day, eighty Girl Guides from the Central Highlands Region enjoyed various activities on land and in the water. They

  • learnt knotting, including the bowline used for a rescue line
  • played on and under a parachute
  • made a mess with the water purification experiment.

All girls canoed, including the 5 year olds.  About 30 Guides aged 10+ were given the opportunity to work on the boating badge. This required demonstrating proper techniques, capsizing the canoe and swimming it to shore.

What a wonderful day.


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