Matilda at Dad and Daughter Night

September 17, 2016

Dad and Daughter Night @ Delacombe

Matilda spent her last night with us enjoying our special Dad and Daughter Night.

This is an annual activity for our unit.  We focused on “Thinking Activities” to give our dads a break from the manual and physical activities we have organised in previous years.

delacombeguides-dadnightOur dads joined us for Guide Ring, then in our patrols we did activities that all involved brain power:

  • lateral thinking game
  • piecing together the world emblem
  • knocking over bottles with a stocking head (required a little bit of dexterity)
  • braiding our hair (required a lot of dexterity)

Hair Braiding Challenge

dadnight2016-904cThe hair braiding seemed to be the biggest challenge. In their defence, they were coping with long hair, short hair, frizzy hair, thick hair, knotty hair …

  • Some dads admitted to having not even plaited hair before. Others did it regularly and demonstrated their skill.
  • One dad was glad that he leaves for work before the get-ready-for-school-routine
  • Another dad announced that he uses the vacuum cleaner method of making pony tails. I’m imagining that the video below depicts the method used by our dad.

As with all Guiding activities that we don’t master straight away, the dads were given the challenge of practicing and improving over the holidays.

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