Cornish Bardic Ceremony

March 9, 2020

Cornish Festival, Ballarat

Some of our local Girl Guides have participated in the Cornish Bardic Ceremony as part of a Cornish Festival.

Many people living in Ballarat are descended from Cornish miners who arrived in here during the gold rush (or later) to work in the mines. The Ballarat Cornish Association brings together many of  these descedants wishing to celebrate and discover their Cornish heritage,  including the Cornish language.

The Bardic Ceremony brings together people of Cornish heritage from all parts of Australia.  It celebrates Cornwall’s celtic roots and prays are made for peace amongst all Cornish people throughout  the world.  The whole ceremony is spoken and sung in the Cornish language.

The Guides were ‘Flower Girls’ and performed a special folk-dance during the ceremony.  The dance preceded the entry of the Flower Lady who presented flowers and corn to the Grand Bard.

This was a unique way of giving service to our community.

The photos shows girls from 11th Ballarat Guides with the Flower Lady and with the Bards and the traditional harpist who played music for the dance.


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