Recycle for Sight

Collecting Used Glasses

Some of the Girl Guides in Ballarat have been working on the Eye create-a-badge syllabus. As a challenge, they have taken on the task of helping with the 'Lions Recycle for Sight' project. This is a service project run by Lions Clubs in Australia (and internationally) to collect glasses to donate to those in need in third world countries.

Service Challenge - 2018 Glasses

GirlGuidesBallarat glasses 8022Our Guides are always encouraged to help others. Depending on age, the level of service ranges from helping out to organising service projects, and anywhere in between. This current project allows all of our Guides to help and to assist thousands of people who will really benefit.

The challenge is to collect 2018 pairs of glasses between now and the end of the 2018 year.

The girls have spent time making special collection boxes to take to their schools, and boxes will also be distributed to any businesses keen to help out by offering a drop-off point for the public.

Kaitlyn is one of our older Guides and will manage the project. Her role is to collate the donated glasses, maintain collection details and keep track of the tally.  She will also help local Lions Club members sort and package the glasses to be posted to the collection depot.

The Guides are looking forward to this project and seeing how close they can get to collecting 2018 pairs of glasses.

Lions Recycle for Sight

Australian Lions Clubs have donated over 7 million pairs of spectacles, sunglasses, frames and lenses to third world countries. The Recycle for Sight project began in 1998 and is run by volunteers. They clean, sort and labels 450,000 pairs of used spectacles each year.

The glasses are used to help children to see the blackboard so get an education.  And adults are better able to work to support their families.