Victorian Trefoil Guild Gathering

August 28, 2022

United in Friendship

Ruff Diamonds Trefoil Gathering 2022 attendeesSeveral of our Ruff Diamond Trefoils have participated in the Victorian Trefoil Guild Gathering, and several other members visited to assist and support.  The weekend Gathering was held in Ballarat with a theme of United in Friendship.   This is the first gathering to be held in several years due to covid lockdowns and restrictions.

Julie-Anne Evans presented  a session introducing the Ruff Diamonds as one of the newest Guilds.

The Ruff Diamonds had previously spent time making craft items to sell at a trading table to raise funds for the local Lingbogol campsite. They also supported other Trefoil Guilds by purchasing from other trading tables.

Information sessions included:

  • Update from Sharyn Smith- Anderson, Australian Trefoil Guild Advisor
  • Update from Sue Viney, Victorian Trefoil Guild Advisor
  • Update about Project Umbrella – Janelle Howell, Heather Barton
  • Award Presentations and Advisor Changeover

Guest speaker Jessie Harman spoke about the introduction of females into the Rotary organisation.  Jessie is the first Australian female member of the Rotary International Board and has held several positions locally and internationally.

Lingbogol Trefoil Quiet CornerThe Ruff Diamonds organised and presented the Guides Own. Keeping with the friendship theme, silver and gold links were provided, songs were sung, and readings were made.

Participants were invited to write names on stones of friends who had gone home.

As promised, these stones will be layed at Lingbogol at the special Quiet Corner created in 1988 in tribute of past members of the 1st Ballarat Trefoil Guild.

Our Trefoil members had a wonderful time are looking forward to the Australian Trefoil Gathering in Geelong in 2024.



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