Our newest future Girl Guide

July 1, 2022

Kelsea Maya CrayWe are really excited to be able to share the news of the arrival of our newest future Girl Guide – Kelsea Maya Cray.

Kelsea was born this week to Jenna Cray, a volunteer Leader in the Ballarat District.  Huge congratulations to Jenna and Leon on the birth of their first child.

Several years ago the Delacombe Junior Guides held a special Guide’s Hens Night leading up to Jenna’s wedding to Leon.

Earlier this term a gender reveal activity was held with the guesses divided.  The strawberry-filled chocolate frogs suggested that Jenna was having a girl – and they turned out to be correct.


Baby Shower

The Guides added some pink to their uniforms and threw Jenna a special Guide Baby Shower with activities that included:

  • making their own camp blanket badges to acknowledge Jenna’s baby
  • comparing the taste of different baby foods
  • identifying baby photos of Guides and Leaders
  • a photo booth
  • decorating a baby welcome poster
  • guessing the baby’s gender, weight, eye colour etc
  • estimating the diameter of Jenna’s tummy

We look forward to Kelsea growing big enough to fit into her “Future Girl Guide” outfit and joining Guides in 5 years time.



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