Congratulations 4th Ballarat

July 8, 2023

Happy Birthday

4th Ballarat birthday 1After recently celebrating the centenary of Guiding in Ballarat with a Big Birthday Bash party, the 4th Ballarat Girl Guides have celebrated the 100th birthday of their own Unit.

The Guides and their Leaders gathered during the school holidays for a special night of pizza and theatre. They enjoyed a delicious meal at The Forge Pizzaria before heading to the Civic Hall and settling in the balcony to watch the Ballarat Lyric Theatre perform “The Sound of Music.”

The 4th Ballarat Guide Unit is the longest running group in Ballarat.  It was formed in 1923 as the fourth Guide group in Ballarat with Miss Mary Mills, a teacher at Queen’s Church of England Girls’ Grammar School, as Captain.  The group originally met at the All Saints Church of England hall in Drummond Street South, but have been in their current Skipton Street location since 1935 after being invited by the church.

Bernice Burt (Deveson) 1925

Bernice Burt (Deveson) 1925

Assistant Leader, Sandra Ballard, says

Many Skipton Street Church women members and their friends have been Leaders over the years and have encouraged young girls to develop their own skills and become community minded.

Sandra, known as “Guira” within the Guiding community, has a deep-rooted history with the 4th Ballarat Guides. Not only was she a youth member herself, but her daughter also followed in her footsteps in later years. Remarkably, Sandra’s mother was among the original members of the Unit, highlighting the enduring legacy of involvement within her family.

At the helm of the Unit stands Julie-Anne Evans, known as Opal, who has been an integral part of the Guiding journey since 1992. Julie-Anne initially stepped up as a Leader when the Unit required extra support, coinciding with her daughter’s time as a youth member. Since then, Julie-Anne has consistently dedicated her time and efforts as an active volunteer, tirelessly contributing to the organisation of numerous engaging District and Region events.

Kylie, also known as Boomarang, has played a valuable role as a Unit Helper and is currently working towards obtaining her Leadership qualifications. With her two daughters actively participating as youth members, Kylie brings a multi-generational connection to the 4th Ballarat Guides, further fostering a sense of unity and continuity within the group.

These extraordinary volunteers, with their passion and commitment, have led the 4th Ballarat Unit into it’s 100th year.  Well done.

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