3 Guiding Generations

September 2, 2020

Guiding has been quite different in 2020 with most of our meetings held virtually via interactive Zoom sessions.

It was during one of these Zoom sessions in June that 5 year old Emily Roberts became the third generation of her family to be actively involved in Guiding at the same time. Emily has been looking forward to joining her mother and grandmother at Guides and is now happy to be member of the Ballarat Begonia Guides. She has already enjoyed cooking sessions and had started working on badges for ‘pets’, ‘air’ and  ‘life skills’.

During the couple of weeks where community groups were allowed to meet face-to-face (in between separate lockdown periods), Emily had the opportunity to catch up with her new Guiding friends to make and fly paper aeroplanes.

3 Generations of Guides Emily RobertsEmily’s mother, Elizabeth Roberts is a volunteer Leader of the Ballarat Begonia Guides, the same Unit in which she herself enjoyed many years as a Brownie Guide (known at the time as 3rd Ballarat Brownie Guides). Liz began her Guiding experience as a 7 year old Brownie and progressed as a Guide then Junior Leader, followed by undertaking adult training to become a qualified Guide Leader.

Liz was introduced to Guiding by her mother, Astrid Bahr, who is also a Leader of Emily’s Unit. Astrid first joined Guides as a 13 year old and has been a Leader at various Units since then, including several attended by Liz. Astrid was also District Manager of the Ballarat District for a term.

Emily is looking forward to many years of cooking, craft, camping and outdoor fun with her Guiding friends and family.


Liz Emily and Astrid 3 generations



3 Generations Of Guides Emily Roberts
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