Child Safe Child Friendly

Girl Guides Australia (GGA) is committed to being Australia's leading organisation for girls and young women in leadership and personal development.

GGA's mission is empowering girls and young women to discover their potential as leaders of their world. Girl Guides provides an innovative, relevant and high quality flexible, non-formal educational program for girls and young women, anchored by a shared purpose of making the world a better place. Girl Guides develops leadership skills and a sense of personal responsibility in an inclusive, supportive, safe and friendly girl-only environment.

GGA together with the State Girl Guide Organisations (SGGOs) recognise that the long-standing reputation and effectiveness of Girl Guiding in Australia (GGiA) is dependent on the behaviours and attitudes of the people who make up the Girl Guiding movement in Australia.

The Girl Guide Promise and Guide Law is fundamental to all aspects of Guiding and provides a foundation of expected behaviours.

GGA acknowledges the significant role culture plays in keeping children and young people safe. Guiding worldwide focuses on giving girls and young women a voice and an opportunity to build lifelong friendships and networks. These two core elements alone encourage those in Guiding to speak up for themselves and others, an essential part of creating a child safe culture.

Diversity and Inclusion

Commitment to diversity and inclusion is an essential underpinning of the Guide Promise and Law and a fundamental requirement for an organisation seeking to serve the Australian community.

Further information about Girl Guides Australia Diversity and Inclusion Policy can be found on the Girl Guides Australia website 



Girl Guides Australia and the Girl Guide Organisations of each State and Territory respect the privacy of all individuals and are committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals they deal with.

The Privacy Statement of Girl Guides Australia, which is the policy that details the handling of personal information, including sensitive information such as health information by Girl Guides Australia, can be found on the Girl Guides Australia website.