It all happens at Girl Guides

Where can girls develop into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members?  And have fun ?

@ Guides

Where did you do that?

@ Guides

  • guides in tentcamps and sleepovers
  • outdoor activities
  • excursions

Where did you make that?

@ Guides

  • campcookingcraft
  • cooking
  • outdoor cooking

Where did you learn that?

@ Guides

  • PhotomontageBallaratnew skills
  • challenge badges
  • leadership skills
  • team work
  • confidence and self-esteem

Where did you meet her?

@ Guides

  • 3Guidesmake new friends
  • weekly meetings with similar aged girls
  • local, state, national and international opportunities
  • qualified, enthusiastic, volunteer female Leaders.

How can I get involved?

@ Guides

We can help with that

Local Guide Units

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