Girl Guides Ballarat

Girl Guides is a fun, weekly, after-school activity.  And for many girls it is much more than that.  Guiding becomes a central point for developing social skills and life skills.

At Guides, girls and women are provided with opportunities to

  • Glossy Guide Logodevelop new skills
  • try cool activities
  • gain confidence to think and act for themselves
  • make new friends
  • acquire a greater respect for the environment and
  • experience a sense of community while having fun.

That’s what Guiding is all about.

All members of Guiding are referred to as Guides.

This encompasses all the age-groups that you may remember as

  • Gumnut Guides (aged 5-6 years)
  • Brownie Guides (aged 7- 11 years)
  • Girl Guides (11-14 years)
  • Ranger Guides (14-18 years)
  • Rangers (18-25 years).

You may hear them referred to informally as Junior Guides or Senior Guides, but to be correct, they are all Guides. 

Girl Guides Ballarat caters for all these age groups.

Girls are members of a Guide Unit of similar aged girls in their community.  They help to decide, plan and participate in their own unit programs.

The Guiding program has an integrated approach through

  • teamwork
  • commitment to the Promise and Law
  • exploring the outdoors
  • service in the community
  • learning by doing and
  • progressive self-development.


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