Jamboree 2023

Day 4

Camp Summary

There has been a definite change in Ballarat's weather and today it was necessary to wear jumpers and coats.  It rained overnight so we have experienced a variety of weather conditions during the week of Jamboree.

Our 14+ Guides are back on site and participated in either the Camp Colosseum activities at Victoria Park or the water and environmental activities at Lake Wendouree.  This included a special opportunity to handle reptiles.

The 10-13 year old Guides have started with their much anticipated chosen stream activities, including:

  • Artistic Escapades
  • Cooking up a Storm
  • Sports Sensations
  • Enviro Warriors
  • Fanciful Fandom
  • In the Laboratory
  • Spotlight on Theatre

The evening activity was a Whole Camp Carnival that began with a meal of tacos and pav. Activities included making lip balm, mini golf, decorating head bands, mask painting, basket ball hoops, circus photo booth, boomerang throwing, face painting, juggling, nerf guns, archery, cloth badge making, frisbee tossing ...... it was a very busy, exciting night.

Pax Hill

Camp Birthdays

It's always special to celebrate birthdays at a Guide camp.

Today we celebrate with the following Guides:

  • Jaimie
  • Jessica
  • Penny
  • Sarah
  • Caroline
  • Jo-Anne

Quote of the Day

Reach for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars.


Norman Vincent Peale

Pebbles Jamboree 2023

A word from our Campers


I made icecream with the man who owns "Big Spoon Little Spoon".  We tasted roasted banana, lemon sorbet and cocoa chocolate icecream. I made mint and chcolate oreo.


Wipe Out was really fun. The art section was really fun as well. I was good at drawing and scrapbooking.


Legendary swaps !!

I like finding random groups of people and swapping.


Scrapbooking was amazing. I did a vintage style one and a pink one.

I loved it.

Mollie, Hannah, Ellie & Savannah

We did the cooking activities. We made playdough, icecream and sorbet.

It was delicious.

Robyn (Leader)

Site Services

This is my first Jamboree. I have learnt how to lash things down and how to fix things.  It's so nice to be thanked for filling up the toilet paper.

We are known as the Posh Poo Pixie Patrol.


My favourite activity was the silent disco at the carnival. You put on headphones and dance to the music.  You do what you want.


I went to the Fanciful Fandom stream. We went to an Escape Room in Fitzroy with the theme of "school of magic". My group were the first ones to get out.


I did the Art stream. I painted, decorated an apron, made macrame, made a draw string bag and played with clay.


I went to the Fanciful Fandom stream.  I liked the Escape Room. Ours was Ned Kelly.  We didn't make it out.


I went to Lake Wendouree.  I liked the dragon boating. I've never really heard of that before. It was really cool.

Lisa (Leader)

I was with the Guides at Fanciful Fandom. It was a lovely day.  Lots of cool stuff.  We made bookmarks and mini zines and chilled out in the youth section of the new library in Glenroy.


I really liked doing the cooking experiments. I coloured in an apron and I also made a wax wrap.


I enjoyed just hanging out with my friends in general.

Kelly (Leader)

I had the day off so I went shopping in Ballarat. In the last few days I have enjoyed hedge maze at Mansfield and the Snores & Roars Expedition.

Liz (Leader)

Catering Manager

I enjoyed a sleep in today. Then I drove to Costco to collect the snacks for the rest of the camp.


I liked the dragon boating. It was really fun.


The VR station at the Eureka Sky Deck was good.


We went to the Spotlight on Theatre stream. We travelled to Melbourne to see "Alice in Wonderland" but it was cancelled because of the rain.  We went to the National Art Gallery of Victoria.


I enjoyed the circus workshop. We got to learn hoops and juggling.


My stream was drawing. I am good at drawing. I drew a night sky and trees.  I also liked dancing at the carnival.