Jamboree 2023

Day 3

Camp Summary

The 14+ Guides have spent the last two days off site enjoying their chosen overnight Expeditions.

The activities have included

  • science experiments in a laboratory
  • arts using various mediums
  • cycling and hiking
  • horseback riding
  • swimming at the beach
  • flying planes
  • exploring the sites of Melbourne
  • canoeing the river and sailing the seas
  • a relaxing spa
  • escape rooms and puzzles
  • rock climbing
  • exploring an underground cave
  • tree top adventures

..... and much much more.

These girls have certainly enjoyed some incredible experiences.


Jamboree 2023 Day 3 GuidesVic (77)

Camp Birthdays

It's always special to celebrate birthdays at a Guide camp.

Today we celebrate with the following Guides:

  • Phoebe

Quote of the Day

The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are ones who do.


Steve Jobs

Pebbles Jamboree 2023

A word from our Campers


I went to Pax Hill. I was a bit scared at the activity but I faced my fears and kept going.


I managed to do the activity at Pax Hill even though I had a sore arm.

Beth, Zoe, Sabi, Charlotte

The Escape Room was cool. We worked as a team even though we didn't really know each other.


I really liked the stand up paddle boarding and the dragon boats. And also the butterflies are cool.  I made my own paper as well.


The croissants for breakfast were delicious.


I loved the lasagne and chocolate mousse. I'm looking forward to the tacos tomorrow.


Today I went caving in Hamilton. We went through a cave that hadn't been professionally explored.  We went through to see if we could get to another cave system.


I went on the Melbourne Wanderers Expedition. At the Eureka Skydeck there was Virtual Reality room with glasses, sounds and smells. Today we went to the Queen Victoria market.


I liked the stand-up paddle boarding. I stood up and only fell in once.


My favourite part of the day was going on stage at the campfire and singing Lady Leary.


I enjoyed Pax Hill.


I went on the Pages and Puzzles Expedition in Melbourne and went to 2 Escape Rooms.


I really enjoyed the activities at Pax Hill.


I enjoyed the activities at Lake Wendouree. Especially the dragon boating. It was fun.


My favourite activity was definitely the raft building. I leant a bunch of new knots, like the square lash. Our raft went the furthest. And the paddle boats are great.


I enjoyed Camp Colosseum and trying to work out who stole Pebbles. I printed a name tag with a laser cutter and decorated the cover of my diary with drawings.


I enjoyed the dragon boat at Lake Wendouree. There were lots of people working together on the same boat so it wasn't chaotic. I loved the lasagne and mousse.