Plastic Free Planet

This badge is designed by Hersham District (UK) in support of the Surfers Against Sewage.

The focus of the badge is about awareness and how small, manageable changes can make a big difference. The clauses are suitable for all sections with alternatives provided.


This badge is well documented in the badge resources provided by Hersham District and should be downloaded to see the complete syllabus. It contains handy information, website links and resources to accompany the clauses.

Below is a sample of clauses.

Understanding Plastic

  1. What is plastic
    a. Discuss what plastic is, how long it has been around and where we use it in our lives.
    b. Organise a plastic vs non-plastic sorting activity – see resource section
  2. Recycling Plastic – see resource section
    a. Talk about how plastic can be recycled and your local recycling.
    b. Introduce the symbols used to distinguish different types of plastic and sort real plastic using the symbols – see resource section
    c. Find out about your local recycling facilities
  3. Hands on recycling – Find your local recycling bins; a collection of bins can often be found at supermarkets and community centres. Take a wide variety of recycling (not just plastic) and ask girls to sort and put in the containers.
  4. How is plastic recycled – learn how plastic can be recycled into other items.
  5. Reusing our plastic
    a. Think about other ways to recycle plastic yourself
    b. Create something using plastic (see resource section for ideas)
  6. Play a game of ‘Plastic Bingo’ – there are sheets in the resources

Protecting the Environment

  1. What are the effects on the environment? – Talk about whether the girls have seen plastic in the local area, what are their feelings about this and do they know how it can affect wildlife and even humans?
  2. Organise a litter picking activity in your local area – contact your council as they might run an event for you or provide equipment
  3. Design a poster to stop littering
  4. Play a game of ‘Plastic Facts’
  5. Learn about the global issues caused by plastic– there are lots of online campaigns, videos, images and information.
  6. Play ‘Save the Turtle’ in the resources section
  7. Learn to fold a crisp packet
  8. Complete our environmental Word search or crossword

Making a Change

  1. Talk about how we could use less plastic.
    • Why do we use so much plastic?
    • Do we NEED so much plastic?
    • What could we live without?
  2. Design a REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE poster
  3.  Discuss alternatives such as using metal, glass, paper and material.
  4. Make a pledge or start a campaign to stop using a plastic item
  5. Make alternatives to commonly used plastic or plastic wrapped items. You will find ideas and instructions in the resources
  6. Take a trip to a local shop or supermarket. See if they can find zero-plastic alternatives to products they like. Or ask them to make new choices based on what they have learnt about recycling.




  • Badge order via Girlguiding Hersham – details in resource document
  • downloaded syllabus and resources for Plastic Free Planet badge

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