Holiday Photo Challenge

Girl Guide Holiday Photo Challenge

Cherie Brown


Some of these challenges were related to specific days or dates so you may need to alter them to suit your requirements.


📷 Day 1.

Take a photo of something you would take to a Guide camp or sleepover.

Upload the photo here and let’s see what everyone is taking

📷 Day 2.

🔥 Be creative and make a mini campfire from something you already have in your home (no real flames). You could use Lego, material scraps, food items, coloured paper ……

📷 Day 3.

 Use any items you have in your home to create a Girl Guide logo.

📷 Day 4.

💙 Find as many items as you can in your home that match the colour of your Guide uniform.

📷 Day 5.

🌏… “to serve my community and Australia”.

Let’s join in the game of WE’RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT to help families with children to find bears when walking for exercise or driving to the supermarket.

1. Place some teddy bears in your front window
2. Find the facebook group called “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Ballarat”. Check out the map to see where you might be able to walk to find other bears in windows
3. You may like to join the group and provide your address (with parent permission)

Take a photo of the bear in your window and upload it here to share (do not provide your address here).

📷 Day 6.

☘️ Write the letters ‘GG’ on a piece of A4 paper. Find as many small items as you can in your home that start with the letter G and place them on the paper.

📷 Day 7

😎Today would normally have been the 1st day of our school holidays. Decorate a jar or container. Put notes into the jar throughout the holidays when you think of things that you would like to do, or places you would like to visit, friends you would like to see. etc After this is all over, you may be able to achieve these things.

Take a photo of your ‘planning jar’ and upload it to share.

📷 Day 8.

💻Check out the list of Guide badges and choose one/some that you might like to work towards earning.

Take a photo of something related to your chosen badge and we will try to guess which one you selected

📷 Day 9.

🌏 “As a Guide I will strive to make choices for a better world”

We’re all doing our part to protect each other from the spread of the coronavirus. Create a poster to use in your house that promotes correct handwashing techniques.

📷 Day 10.

🌏 “As a Guide I will strive to use my time and abilities wisely”

Take a photo of something in your house that shows what you are doing to make good use of your time.

Upload your photo and we will guess what you are doing.

📷 Day 11.

👭 “As a Guide I will strive to be friendly to others”

Do something today that might help somebody else through this period of isolation. Perhaps, write a letter or draw/colour a picture to send to someone.

📷 Day 12.

 Today is Saturday. Take some time to pamper those in your house who have been at work all week or have stayed at home looking after during the week.

Make them a coffee. Help out around the house. Write a Thank You note. What else can you think of?

📷 Day 13.

❤️ Today is Sunday. If we were at a Guide camp we would be enjoying a ‘Guides Own’ service.

Make a list or draw pictures of the things you are most grateful for.

📷 Day 14.

🏡 We’re going to all be staying home for quite a while. And it is everybody’s responsibility to contribute to the household.

Make a chart of all the tasks that you can do to help around the house and ‘Lend A Hand’ . Perhaps vacuuming, dusting, washing/folding clothes. Challenge yourself to a task you have never done before – maybe ironing or cleaning the bathroom.

Take a photo of your chart and upload to share. And then of course, start on your tasks.

📷 Day 15.

🏡 As a Guide I will strive to be thoughtful and optimistic

Find an item in your house that represents something you plan to do when physical distancing is no longer required.

📷 Day 16.

🌈 It’s such a dreary day today. Use any items you can find in your house to create a rainbow.

📷 Day 17.

🌞 I see sunshine today. The gold colours on our World Trefoil represent the sun shining over all the children of the world.

Find an unusual item in your house that is yellow. See if you can find something nobody else thinks of.

📷 Day 18.

🏈Today would normally have been the Good Friday Football Match.

Take a photo of items you can find at home that represent your team and upload to share.

📷 Day 19.

☘️ Make a collage of pictures/words that incorporate each element of the Guide Law. You could draw pictures, cut out pictures from magazines or download images from the internet.

📷 Day 20.

👪 Today is generally a day spent with family, often including our extended families.

Find an item in your house that is especially meaningful to your family members.

📷 Day 21.

☘️ Find an item in your house that represents one of the Guide Laws.

📷 Day 22.

☘️ Today is the end of your 22 day extended school holiday period.

Find something that represents the best, funniest or happiest part of your holiday.