Jamboree 2023

Day 2

Camp Summary

It's been a phenomenal second day here at Kani-Karrung Jamboree.

Early this morning our 14-17 year old girls left for their chosen off-site overnight expedition. We'll hear more about that when they return.

The Guides aged 10-13 have spent time enjoying:

  • Camp Colosseum activities at Victoria Park
  • a Pax Hill Survival Day
  • environmental and water activities at Lake Wendouree

We can't reveal too much at this stage because we don't want to give away details for those who haven't yet participated in each activity. The girls are reciting a very clear mantra:

"What happens at Pax Hill, stays at Pax Hill".

Based on the photos and stories I am hearing, I'm thinking our Guides have enjoyed activities with butterflies, kayaks, canoes, dragon boats, slime and  hammocks.  And I definitely saw a lot of glitter in hair.

The evening finished with a bush dancing session hosted by BushWahzee. It certainly looked like a lot of fun.


Jamboree 2023 Day 2 GuidesVic (8)

Camp Birthdays

It's always special to celebrate birthdays at a Guide camp.

Today we celebrate with the following Guides:

  • Majia
  • Eljia
  • Gejia
  • Fijia

Quote of the Day

Today you are you

That is truer than true

There is no one alive who is you-er than you


Dr Seuss

Pebbles Jamboree 2023

A word from our Campers

Phyllis (Leader)

I spent the day at the Colosseum and enjoyed watching the girls enjoy the activities.  I caught up with old friends and made new friends.

I was really impressed with all the electronic gear. Some Guides used the laser tool to burn my camp name into a lanyard decoration.

Ashleigh (Leader)

I enjoyed the swaps today.


My favourite things was the art table. It has calligraphy, painting, cartooning and sketching.


I did kayaking and sailing boats at Lake Wendouree. Then I went to the butterflies and stick insects in the enclosure.


I did the environmental activity which was to connect with nature. We got to try to feed the butterflies.  It was really fun. We looked at recycled wool and mats. It was really day.


I enjoyed going through the slime and oobleck.

Emma & Harper

We went to Pax Hill which was really great. We did a bunch of different activities there. We're not allowed to spoil anything from Pax Hill but ...... it was pretty fun.


I loved the baked potato for dinner and added everything - sour cream, bacon, cheese, coleslaw and salt.  I also loved the chocolate icecream.


I liked the strawberry sorbet I had for dessert.


At Lake Wendouree, one of the best parts was the butterflies and stick insects. I got to hold one of the butterflies but you couldn't feel them but with the stick insects you could feel every movement they made. The insects were very cool.

Meriki (Leader)

I hung out with the Guides in the Glitter Zone and really enjoyed the hammocks.  There was also an array of giant games, water misting, sensory items, water beads and fidget toys.


My favourite activity was dragon boating - it was a big boat where lots of people paddle to the beat of a drum.


I liked taking a nap int he hammock.


It was way too cold to get in the water. We did the land activities and made some cool swaps. We played with water balloons