Sebastopol Observation Rally

The Sebastopol Observation Rally is a big observation game played throughout the streets of Sebastopol with more than 150 questions.  It has been separated into smaller zones that each include:

  • Observation questions
  • Historical photo comparisons
  • Photo opportunities

The PINK and LIGHT BLUE zones are completed on foot and include a walk along sections of the  Yarrowee River Trail.


1.  Register your team to participate. Register using the online registration form and select the PINK zone. Ignore references to other collection points etc as they are applicable to members of the public.

2. Collect your map and question sheets from a nearby address in Sebastopol.

3. Follow the map and answer the questions. 

4. Drop off your answer sheet

  • to a nearby address in Sebastopol
  • upload your photos to your facebook page

The results will be emailed to you and added to our running tally.