Matilda visits Voice FM

Community Radio Voice FM Matilda took time out from her busy schedule to visit Community Radio 99.9 Voice FM. She accompanied Dawn to record the monthly Girl Guide radio segment with Jan Skewes. She was introduced on air to the many regular listeners.

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Matilda goes flying

Matilda visits the Ballarat Aero Club by Elizabeth Today Matilda went to the Ballarat Aero Club to study planes and how they work. She had to learn the phonetic alphabet and the names of different parts of the plane.

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Matilda at Dad and Daughter Night

Dad and Daughter Night @ Delacombe Matilda spent her last night with us enjoying our special Dad and Daughter Night. This is an annual activity for our unit.  We focused on “Thinking Activities” to give our dads a break from the manual and physical activities we have organised in previous years. Our dads joined us…

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Matilda and Zumbo's Just Desserts

Matilda recently joined us on the night when we conducted our own version of Zumbo’s Just Desserts. We used ice cream as the base for our creations, then had to use our imagination to decorate it.  We had some toppings and also made our own from chocolate. We were randomly allocated a theme so that each…

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Matilda visits Sebastopol Guides

Daffodil Day High Tea Matilda visited the 1st Sebastopol Guide unit just in time to join us at a fundraising event. We had decided to organise a High Tea and to invite guests along to raise money for the Cancer Council Daffodil Day campaign.  We made some slices at Guides last week and arrived early…

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Matilda visits Delacombe Guides

When Matilda visited our Guide unit this week, she joined us in making sock puppets. We were celebrating Book Week, so we used our sock puppets to make up our own stories and put on a performance. Each patrol included Matilda in their story. She was very busy.

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Matilda's visit with Jasmine in Ballarat

Hi my name is Jas. Today I went ice skating with my little friend ‘Matilda’. We had lots of fun even though I tripped over what felt like at least a 1000 times. I also saw two of my friends from school there at the temporary ice-skating rink that had been set up in Ballarat…

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Matilda begins her journey

A patrol of Matilda’s from Ballarat are currently preparing for their big trip around Australia. And possibly beyond. Our ‘Flat Matildas’ have been created by the 4th Ballarat Guide unit.  They will be separated and posted to various units to begin their assignment – to visit as many different Guide units as possible. We will…

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