Red Cross Clutter Buster

Girl Guides from Ballarat have participated in the Red Cross Clutter Buster program.

redcross2016-44c2The Guides spent time during the holiday period, and term 3, accumulating a collection of bags to donate to the local Red Cross. The Guides and their families cleaned out their cupboards to identify clothing and household items that they no longer required and would be better utilised by others in need.

The items were presented to a representative from the Ballarat Red Cross store.

Red Cross Stores

Each year, the Red Cross resell about 450 tonnes of clothing to generate funds that they then use to help people in Australia and around the world. The funds are used to provide :

  • girlguidesclutterbustersemergency services during disasters
  • clean water for remote communities
  • support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • a healthy breakfast for Australian kids
  • telephone calls to isolated and elderly people


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