Matilda’s visit with Jasmine in Ballarat

Hi my name is Jas.

Today I went ice skating with my little friend ‘Matilda’. We had lots of fun even though I tripped over what felt like at least a 1000 times. I also saw two of my friends from school there at the temporary ice-skating rink that had been set up in Ballarat for the second year in a row. Charlie and Isabella were my other friends so that means I had three friends skating with me.

Within less than a week of going to the ice-skating, guess what happened???!! It snowed!! Mum can remember it snowing only once in Ballarat when she was little on Christmas Day but usually we’re all hiding inside under fans because at that time of the year because it’s a heat wave and there are bushfires everywhere.

When it snowed during this school holidays it was actually on Friday morning before school and then again on the first weekend of the school holidays which
was so cool because we were at home to be able to enjoy it. When I woke up I saw snow on my window so I got dressed in to warm clothes and went outside and even the back step was covered in ice and snow.

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