Girls Rock in the Outdoors

Ballarat District Outdoor Activities

HappyGuideOn the chilly day of Saturday, August 29, about 50 Girl Guides, aged 5-10, gathered at Lingbogol to participate in a planned outdoor activity.  A team of Leaders had organised the “Girls Rock in the Outdoors” activity to encourage the girls to enjoy outdoor activities, despite Ballarat winter weather.

The Guides spent the day with girls from their own units, as well as mixing with Guides from other units.  Similarly, the activities were run by their own Leaders, as well as some from other units. This was a great opportunity for girls and Leaders to mix.

The Guides enjoyed

Ballarat District Guides Parachute

  • making stick initials
  • open-fire cooking (then eating) waffle treats
  • hammering nails and threading to create string art
  • decorating calico bags with nature mash
  • making and decorating noughts-and-crosses games from  tiles and stones
  • service work in the form of clearing debris in preparation for an upcoming bonfire
  • playing giant Kerplunk under the rainbow parachute
  • and a variety of games including molkky and grass gators


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