• Make a poster about the Four World Centres and know which country each World Centre is in.
  • Be able to show on a map of the world where your family comes from.
  • Listen to a guest speaker talk about their life growing up in a different country.
  • Help to make a food from another country.
  • Pretend you are visiting another country and write an imaginary letter to your family telling them about it.
  • Make a poster to teach other people about an animal that lives in a different country.
  • Participate in an international game.
  • Learn a traditional dance from another country and perform it.
  • Take part in an environmental service project.
  • Learn to say hello, goodbye and count to ten in another language.
  • Create an international craft.
  • Plan an overseas holiday.  Pick where you want to go, what you want to do and what sort of clothes and things you would need to take.
  • Learn about where and how Guiding Began, and something about the lives of our Founder, Lord Baden-Powell, and his wife, Lady Baden-Powell.
  • Learn and teach a game played by Guides in a different country.
  • Make an interesting collection of stamps, pictures, postcards or interesting things from a different country.
  • Find out about 2 animals from different countries which are in danger of becoming extinct, and what can be done to save them.
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